Thursday, May 7, 2015

Chipotle & GMO's

  A new topic in the news is Chipotle changing most of their products to non-GMO foods. Two articles show similar views on the subject. One article is from The New York Times and the other is from USA Today.
  The New York Times article states how Chipotle is stopping using GMO’s in its food. Chipotle has a total of 63 ingredients in its food, which is much less than many other restaurants. The fact that Chipotle chose to advertise which ingredients included GMO’s has encouraged other restaurants and stores to label foods with GMO’s in them.  Chipotle cannot be completely GMO free because of the fact that many of the sodas contain GMO ingredients. They state that it is a start in the right direction.
  The article from USA Today states a similar position to the first article. This article provides some information about how many people in the United States believe that GMO foods should be labeled. This shows how many foods actually contain GMO’s. They set an example for many other stores that GMO free foods are possible and can be done.
  Some people are not happy with the change from regular products to all non-GMO ingredients. Not only does the change from GMO food to non-GMO food possibly increase prices it also causes slight problems with some of the farms that produce ingredients for Chipotle. I believe that Chipotle changing the ingredients may also be slightly over the top. There are no current reports that show GMO’s are negative to human health. Chipotle changing the ingredients makes certain people feel that they should think the same thing.
    Chipotle changing to non-GMO ingredients has caused controversy. Currently there is no evidence that they are bad so I do not think Chipotle should have switched.
--Kathryn Franc

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