Thursday, May 7, 2015

$1 Billion Relief Fund

    California’s drought continues to shock the lawmakers of the state, leaving them to question what measures need to be taken to preserve the states remaining water supply. California has been experiencing a drought for the past three years and there seems to be no relief in sight.  The two articles that I read address the looming crisis that is going on in California.  The first article illustrates the severity of the drought. Although the drought has been an important issue, it has become even more important as a result of the latest data compiled about the snow pack. Lawmakers are scrambling to come up with solutions to solve this growing problem.  They are trying to speed up the release of $1 billion in bond relief funding towards the crisis. The situation is getting so bad that Gov. Jerry Brown issued a 25% cut in water use.  The second article highlights the issue of water pricing in the state of California.  According to the article, residents are paying $.002 per gallon. As a results of water’s low cost, more efficient water systems are too costly to install given the large payback period required.
    In my opinion, water does deserve a price increase.  Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet. However its low cost and seeming abundance has caused a system of abuse and under appreciation.   The government’s $1 billion relief fund cannot be implemented fast enough.  The funding is much needed to push regulations; laws and policies that will help fix the looming problem. It is hard for me to imagine California as a desert much similar to Nevada.  However, perhaps it is a reality that many Californians have to start getting used to. So, although the cutbacks will be felt by many California residents, they are for the greater good of society if they help solve the crisis.
--Malcolm Khalil

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