Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Culture of Junk Food

Rather long but intriguing piece about the problems with food culture in the US. Some quotes:

"The real challenge is not 'I’m too busy to cook.' In 2010 the average American, regardless of weekly earnings, watched no less than an hour and a half of television per day. The time is there." I'm not sure I buy that logic 100%: that's an average, not even a median, and no doubt some people are watching a lot while others watch very little.

"[T]here are five fast-food restaurants for every supermarket in the United States; in recent decades the adjusted for inflation price of fresh produce has increased by 40 percent while the price of soda and processed food has decreased by as much as 30 percent; and nearly inconceivable resources go into encouraging consumption in restaurants: fast-food companies spent $4.2 billion on marketing in 2009. "

A long string of links starting with this article finally led me to this article on how Federal subsidies compare to what that same government recommends we eat. Pretty damning!

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