Thursday, January 7, 2016


Long time, no write! Sorry about that: my research has really gone in another direction lately, so I'm spending less time on environmental issues other than climate. This one caught my eye, though: a friend shared this article about Monsanto going to court. Although some of the claims are overstated, they also make some good points. In particular, Monsanto defending their intellectual property to an extreme extent at the expense of small farmers is pretty egregious. Also, to the extent that Monsanto enables the current system of industrial agriculture, it contributes to climate change.

At the same time, it overlooks a lot of benefits that people have seen because of GMOs, such as cheaper food. Yes, cheaper food is bad for farmers, but it's good for consumers, and particularly the poor. This article is a pretty good response to the first one.

Have a great 2016!

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