Sunday, March 30, 2014

California agriculture's number 1 problem

I thought the drought would be tops, but in this article farmers are saying that the lack of workers is the real problem. While I absolutely support immigration reform and a path to citizenship for people who have been more or less enslaved by these farmers for decades, what really appalls me is the attitude of these farmers. They say that they don't have enough workers, and what that means is that they aren't willing to pay a wage high enough that it's worth it for anyone to come out and do the brutal work in terrible conditions that is offered. The article says that they lose $1.4 billion to a lack of labor. My solution? If these jobs paid $50,000 or $60,000 with benefits you'd have plenty of workers. Would the farmers then lose part, or maybe even most, of that $1.4 billion to the workers? Absolutely, but if they even got 1% of it wouldn't they be better off?

The worst part is that when you visit these communities, there is such clear racism and contempt for the immigrant workers. They complain about how the workers live in poor conditions and cost taxpayers money when they come into emergency rooms needing treatment. I have no idea how they can not see that this problem is entirely one of their own creation, but apparently they don't.

End tirade! Have a nice day. :P

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