Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Water Countdown

An article from Forbes magazine outlines the importance of water especially water quality. Water is important to humans and living things, as well as the world economy.  The challenge to businesses is to think about the long term water-related risk at while they face immediate cost issues. Businesses such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, and Nestle, just to name a few, are drawing water faster and we are running out of fresh water. They face revocation of operating licenses, rising water cost, and closures due to strong water regulations. However, many companies have produced water footprints in order to reduce water usage and there are has been incentives to encourage sustainability.  On the other hand, Kevin Watkins and Anders Berntel authors of “A global problem: How to avoid war over water” see water scarcity as a violence between states as a growing issue that would lead the world into an era of “hydrological warfare” where rivers, lakes and aquifers would became national security assets to be fought over and guarded by armed forces. 

Water is scarce and we are running short. We might not realize it because we think it is infinitely available but the truth is, the world is running out of fresh water. There are several ways the world can move forward and face these issues now rather biting their fingers when we are left with nothing but one aquifer to provide water to the world population.  I support the idea that the government should improve sustainability by improving the efficiency of water use and encourage conservation via pricing and more efficient technologies in agriculture and industry thereby, reducing water scarcity.

--Galen Enow

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