Friday, June 21, 2013

Climate change or poverty?

I am kind of excited to see more work being done on the intersection of climate change and poverty. This paper looks to see how rainfall and temperatures affect GDP and then how GDP affects poverty. It's not a very finely detailed approach, but it gets at the big issues and shows that poverty can be expected to increase as climate change affects Mexico.

Another recent article talks about a place where the relationship is the reverse: the choice is either to contribute to climate change or to remain poor. The Crow Nation depends on coal mining for their livelihood, and as the US decreases its reliance on coal, they see a drop in demand for the product they depend upon. The article talks about finding ways to ship it overseas, but of course wherever it gets used it'll contribute to climate change.

No good solution there: I hope they can diversify their livelihood, for starters.

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