Monday, February 25, 2013


Update on energy in Maryland from Alex Ricas:

So I just got off of the phone with BGE to set up an account for my new apartment. I asked about them buying energy from constellation (parent company) and they said that their now owned by Excelon who owns Constellation as well. They gave me rates to compare (8.765 cents per kw currently and 9.5 cents by June). They are sending me a list of their competitors to call and she said to compare the rates now and in June and a few other things. Maybe I can get energy cheaper than BGE!! Just figured I would tell you since its pertinent to our conversation in class today.

Thanks for the update, Alex! As usual, notes from you folks are not quizzable, but hopefully interesting....

I'll share my experience, since we're talking about it. Last year I asked BG&E to get my power from Next Era Energy, who sells wind power at I think 9.9 cents per kwh, a little more than BG&E's usual rates.

Call it good or bad, but I haven't received a bill from BG&E in over a year! NEE and BGE don't communicate well, and BG&E can't bill me until they get that straightened out. When I finally hear from them, chances are I'm going to have like a $1500 bill, at least, but I haven't paid anything for a year....

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