Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good news on my job, bad news on gas

College graduates make 83% more than those who don't attend college, and the bonus applies across industries. Working in a business school where the question, "How is this going to help me on the job?" is constantly asked, I have occasionally wondered about the usefulness to some of going through college. (Of course I've always believed that my own classes are both interesting and useful, but some of the others I've been less than sure about.) Good to see an article that takes on this topic and concludes that college is a solid investment. I'm making a difference after all!

A vicious article in the same newspaper attacks natural gas companies, arguing that their hype is far oversold. It claims that the costs of procuring gas and the likelihood of continuing to extract gas from the same wells over time are worse than the companies have been letting on. Clearly this topic deserves further investigation, but at the same time I think that rising gas prices would solve a lot of these problems. If and when the economy gets moving again and energy prices rise to match that vigor, a lot more plays will become economic. I'm not letting go of my stock just yet, though I am definitely interested to hear more.

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