Sunday, February 27, 2011

Natural gas: cleaner air, but dirtier water

NYT Feb 27, 2011: “In shifting away from coal and toward natural gas, we’re trying for cleaner air, but we’re producing massive amounts of toxic wastewater with salts and naturally occurring radioactive materials, and it’s not clear we have a plan for properly handling this waste.”


  1. It's pretty ridiculous that contaminated water that is definitely over EPA standards for the Clean Water Act are being violated and these drilling companies are not being held accountable for it. Clearly there is a problem in the industry where the government is not taking enough involvement in the protection of citizens and their quality of drinking water/ the water that their food lives in. There needs to be more regulations and regulators for the drilling process in order to prevent disaster.

  2. In every actions we made there is always a consequence that we need to face. This statement only means that we should find for another solution in solving our energy problem.