Sunday, April 19, 2009

Interesting one-pager in the NYT today: using a stainless steel bottle in place of plastic bottles is good only if it replaces at least 50 plastic bottles that would otherwise have been consumed. Unsurprisingly, the key is reuse!


  1. I think this article is a real eye opener to a lot of people. The recent boom in buying eco-friendly products is due to people's urge to go green, but most would not even think of that product being detrimental to the environment. I do believe that the trend of putting a price tag on water in a bottle, which is nothing more than city tap water, is ridiculous. It sends way too much plastic to the landfill and is a popular litter item. If people buy and regularly use bottles made of recycled stainless-steel and fill them with tap water, there would be a benefit to the environment

  2. From a health perspective, it's better to see people buying bottles of water than bottles of coke or whatever. Environmentally, the key is reuse, for sure. They say that's how to choose paper vs. plastic bags at the supermarket: choose whichever you're more likely to reuse.